Millions of dollars and hours are lost when dealing with customs. We import thousands of goods into the United States every day. Our partners entrust us with efficiently clearing customs. You worry about getting your packages to our warehouse and we’ll do everything you need to get that parcel to its end destination in the cheapest/fastest way possible. We also handle T86 customs clearance for hundreds of our clients, making it easier than ever to import low-value goods from anywhere in the world.

Fulfillment Center

PYK Global has dozens of locations across the United States to optimize our customers' shipping routes. We’ll receive your goods and strategically route them through our locations in order to minimize cost and transit time for every parcel. What we’ll do: 
 • Receive your pre-packaged parcels. 
 • Clear customs. 
 • Route them to the warehouse closest to their “to address”. 
 • Hand them off to a partner for last-mile delivery at a discount. 

 All within 5 business days.

USPS Shipping

PYK Global is a proud partner of the United States Postal Service. We help shippers from all around the world clear customs and inject their parcels directly into the postal stream saving you thousands of dollars in shipping costs. Our Global Direct Entry program is the fastest and cheapest way to get to your customers in the US from anywhere in the world. 

International shipping within 5 Business Days